ELEKTROSVIT Svatobořice, a. s.

A traditional Czech manufacturer of electrical lighting units with over a hundred-year tradition.

A company ELEKTROSVIT Svatobořice, a.s. was built in 1906 near the reailway line in the village Svatobořice, about 50 km from the city of Brno in the centre of South Moravia.

We produce light fittings: industrial, explosion-proof light fittings designed for fire and explosion risk (Ex) thermal and hydropower plants, paint shops, paper mills, mills,… etc; as well as light fitting for ourdoor lighting of roads, parks and orchards, interior, special and headlamps.

In addition to the production program of our company, we also offer light sources, electric lighting poles, booms and other necessary accessories, including adjusting the products according to the customers request, colour design or custom-made light fitting production to ensure a complete supply of lighting equipment.

ELEKTROSVIT Svatobořice, a.s., strives to meet its customers´demands by constantly innovating assortment with the aim of improving technical parameters, increasing reliability, service life, covering and reducing power consumption with simultaneous design improvements and environmental aspects of production. All the light fittings standardly manufactured by ELEKTROSVIT Svatobořice, a.s. are subject to a declaration of conformity according to the valid legislation. At the same time, the light fittings are manufactured in accordance with ČSN EN European standards. The AO 210 – FTZÚ Radvanice provides certification in accordance with the requirements of ATEX 2014/34/EU international standard. For Eastern markets, EAC certificates are issued for export of products to the customs union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan). Our company has been a holder of the Quality Management Certificate according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 standard certified by TÜV CZ.

The company is presented at domestic and foreign trade fairs and on regular professional seminars focused on lighting technology. Designers and all business partners are provided free designs for indoor and outdoor lighting. We regularly organize trainings, provide consultancy in the field of lighting technology.

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