Královopolská, a.s.

Quality, reliability and innovation

The joint-stock company KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ is a leading supplier of apparatuses for the chemical and petrochemical industry and also cranes, which find applications not only in the metallurgical industry but also in other sectors.

The company has been manufacturing since 1889 when firm Lederer-Porgess Königsfelder Maschinenfabrik for producing railway wagons and steam boilers was established. The company has gradually developed and expanded its scope to other engineering fields up to the present form.
We have the best references in the field of chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical and energy industries. Our customers are leading and prominent companies from the Czech Republic and the world. More than half of our production is exported.

Our goal is to continue to promote the domestic and international market as a reliable supplier of specialty equipments. The current and future success is based on long-term systemic approach and strong focus on our business partners.

Product portfolio

Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Pressure Vessels, Reactors, Above Ground Storage Tanks, Columns, Industrial Furnace Components, Cranes and lifting mechanisms, Steel Structures.


Quality is the basic philosophy of our company. Efforts to maximize product quality and the reality of the intention to focus completely on the requirements and needs of the customer are best supported by the existing certification and production licenses:

ISO 9001: 2009,
ISO 14001: 2005,

ISO 18001: 2008.

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Selected references

Autokláv COD 433R

Rok: 2020
Váha: 8,6 t
Wettenberg, Německo

Přehřívák páry 1. a 2. stupně

Rok: 2021
Váha: 102 t, 81 t
Velký Novgorod, Rusko

Licí pánev 230 t

Rok: 2021
Váha: 39 t
Krefeld, Německo